The Target

Our target is pretty simple - to create the ultimate guitar, bass and ukulele chord library on the web.

The chords in our database are meticulously selected and tested by experienced musicians in order to find the optimal sounds, voicings and fingerings.

Our Chord Database

There are currently 2059 chord fingerings for 84 chord types for 5 guitar, bass and ukulele types in our database and we are constantly adding new information.

If there's a chord you need, but cannot find on our site, please let us know.

Listening (Sampler)

We give you the possibility to listen to each chord shape using our tone sampler.
We made our best to make the sampled chords to sound as authentic as the ones played on a real instrument.

Chord Analyzer

If there's a chord which you know how to play (where to fret the notes), but don't understand what chord it is, please welcome to our chord analyzer. There you can indicate the fretted note position and the analyzer will show what chord that makes. And also you can listen to how that chord would sound.

Chord Sequences

Not only can you find fingerings for individual chords, but it's also possible to find fingerings for entire chord sequences.